Food Trucks

Our Diners were founded by one simple idea: Feeding hungry workers and travelers with nutritious home cooking, to keep even the longest days going.

Serving the BC Lower Mainland and Vancouver Islands, our food trucks are specially designed to for short-term and/or long-term site placement. Our award-winning team brings the flavor and heart, with our traditional comfort food recipes. Kismet Food Trucks are built for speed and efficiency. All food is made in house and we use the best ingredients available.

Kismet Food Trucks also available for private functions and events. Contact Us

Sea Island Diner

(Comfort Food) – [ Find Us Here ]

Dirty Poutine $12
Choice of: Fried chicken, beef, fish or veg.
Comes with pickled veggies, Chicago sauce, house made garlic aioli, fuggles & warlock country beer gravy, cheddar and curds, served with coleslaw.

American Sandwich $12
Thinly sliced roast beef, fries, garlic aioli, Chicago sauce, diced tomato and parsley. Served in French baguette with coleslaw.

Fish & Chips $13
2 Pieces of Alaskan cod with a lemon, dill & beer batter, pickled watermelon tartar & coleslaw.

Fried Chicken & Waffles $13
House made waffles, marinated chicken, tossed in seasoned flour blend and fried to perfection, served with rum maple syrup, fuggles & Warlock country beer gravy & coleslaw.

Coleslaw $3, fried chicken $4, gravy $2, fries $6, cheese $3,
pickled veg $2, rum maple syrup $2,
watermelon rind tartar $2, pop $1.5, Gatorade $3.5

NEW!!! We started this at parkside brewery on Sundays

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Truck Diner

( Southern Food )

Meat “N” Three’s – $13
Choose one entrée and one side


  • Pulled Pork
  • Beef Chilli
  • Veg Chilli
  • Weekly Special


  • Mac & Cheese
  • Corn Bread
  • Weekly special

Comes with:

  • Coleslaw and Corn Chips

Smoked Andouille sausage with coleslaw & corn chips – $12
Served in brioche bun with grainy mustard & fried onions
Add: Chilli or Pulled Pork $4

Pulled pork Sandwhich – $13
Pulled pork on brioche bun with Chicago sauce, cheese & coleslaw.
Served with soup or chilli.

Corn Chips with Black Bean & Smoked Corn Salsa $8, Mac n’ Cheese $6, Corn Bread $4, Pulled Pork 6oz $6, Chilli 8oz $8, Coleslaw $3, Andouille Sausage $7, Pops $1.50, Gatorade $3.5, Coffee $3.5


*all meals come with coffee.

Carnivore breakfast burrito – $9
Scrambled eggs, bacon, fresh tomato relish, cheese,
and potato hash

Veggie breakfast burrito – $9
Scrambled eggs, spinach, fresh tomato relish, cheese, and
potato hash

Meat Breakfast Muffin – $6
Egg, bacon, cheese

Veg Breakfast Muffin – $6
Egg, spinach, cheese, fresh tomato relish – $6

Fruit, yogurt and granola & coffee – $8

Sides, snacks, baked goods & drinks
Muffins, Banana bread, Coffee, Pop, Smoothies, Chips, Chocolate bars, Candies, Cookies etc